Driving Without A Drivers Licence

Penalties here are usually monetary but the attraction of a conviction for driving without a driver’s licence can have a detrimental impact on your future insurance policies. 

It is very important to point out something which confuses a lot of motorists. Frequently, holders of provisional licences complain that they have been summoned to court for the offence of Driving Without a Driver’s Licence. Their argument is usually a version of the following: “Why are they summoning me to court for having no driver’s licence when I have a provisional licence?” 

The answer to this question is simple, though not well known. Under law, a provisional licence is a valid driver’s licence only if a qualified driver (full driver’s licence holder) is travelling with you when you are driving. It is the presence of the qualified driver beside you, that elevates your provisional licence to the status of a driver’s licence.

If no such qualified driver is with you when you are driving, your provisional licence ceases to be a “licence” under law and you will be regarded as having driven without a driver’s licence.