Phone Consultations

The Coronavirus pandemic has shown that businesses need to be more agile in accommodating customer needs. In an effort to maintain social distancing and the requirement to wear face coverings, traditional consultations in legal offices have, for now, become largely a thing of the past.

However, Patrick also realises that, on occasion, people do not wish to make formal appointments and instead prefer to discuss their case over the phone from the comfort of their home.To facilitate this, Patrick offers paid phone consultations where he will discuss your case based on the materials you have provided and offer his objective view as to the approach or approaches that may be available and ought to be pursued.

Fundamentally, clients want to know the truth. If Patrick believes that your case is one where objectively strong grounds exist to plead not guilty and contest the matter, he will tell you. Conversely if he believes that your case is weak and may not withstand the rigours of trial, he will also tell you. Drink driving prosecutions are hugely stressful. Clients repeatedly speak about their anxiety and fears. The longer the case remains in the court system, the greater the anxiety a person tends to experience. This anxiety is largely driven by not knowing what will happen in their case.

Patrick’s primary aim -always-is to reassure Clients. This means reducing their stress when possible. Contesting cases that have no reasonably objective chance of success, exacerbates a client’s anxiety, is contrary to the firm’s standards and is both ethically and morally wrong.

Consultation Fee Structure.

We do charge for consultations, but we offer a range of options depending on your requirements:

Phone Consultation: EUR 250.

45-minute consultation by phone with Patrick Horan to discuss all aspects of your case.

Includes an analysis of all documentary evidence as well as an objective assessment of where your case currently lies.

Written Legal Opinion: EUR 950.

Legal Opinion of your case prepared by a leading drink driving barrister.

Opinion will set out both the strong and weak points relative to your case as well as an analysis of drink driving caselaw specifically relevant to the facts of your individual case.

Legal Opinion will be emailed/posted to you.

Written Legal Opinion & Consultation: EUR 950.

Written Legal Opinion of your case prepared by a specialist drink driving barrister which will be forwarded to you.

Includes a 45-minute discussion of your case by phone with Patrick Horan. 

*All figures above are exclusive of VAT.

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